Deep Afterhour Nr. 314

This new episode is created by "Détaché" aka "Modular Scapes". It's a wonderful live set, very deep and multifarious. Enjoy this great kind of Music! Deep Afterhour  


Techno Scene Feature

Techno Scene is a medium that displays Techno and promotes every kind of Techno. We give a spot to all kinds of Techno music, going from the deepest kind to the hardest stuff. There are boundaries to how Techno sounds, but within the boundaries, there are no limits. Techno Scene features my new EP on Spazio Speziale... Continue Reading →

High Plain Drifters

The Stockholm based label, Finest Blend Recordings makes its return With previous releases from the likes of Shawn Rudiman, Santiago Salazar, Elliott Dodge and label head, Kenny Black. Finest Blend became synonymous with hi-tech grooves, breaking barriers, crossing genres and developing new ones with tracks of the characteristic techno sound. Split ep with Détaché &... Continue Reading →

Reflecting Silhouettes

Four tracks of diverse and different techno make up Deep Sound Channel's first compilation. Past alumnus Tripeo returns with the hulking tribalism of "Raz." Breaks are built and rebuilt, demolished and razed in this gritty thumping workout. Najem Sworb, of Clone and AI fame, is up next with the warbling atmospherics of "Io Ice" before... Continue Reading →

I Will Follow You EP

Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy. ARTS TRANSPARENT was born with Détaché that presents his music to the world. Area Forty One and Roger Gerressen as Gasometric Run on the epic remix work. All on purple coloured 12 inch vinyl. Review Technique: Netherlands next-generation of artists, Détaché released a new single... Continue Reading →

Valley of Shadows EP

Frole Records presents the second vinyl release, this time a producer from the Netherlands. Detache is a young producer influenced by Detroit, deep house and modern techno. U010011 is the typical Detroit track with an undoubted feeling to it. Featuring a dub atmosphere, playful synths & dreamy pads. The remixes are made by Anonym (Sushitech... Continue Reading →

Emerging Elements EP

'Emerging Elements' is aDepth's new EP of diverse, quality electronic music produced by talented Dutch artists. It's aDepth audio's seventh release and showcases the work of four of these artists and producers. Détaché is a young producer determined to record fresh sounds influenced by Detroit, deep house and modern techno. 'Shapes & Shadows' is his most recent work, and features... Continue Reading →

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