I Will Follow You EP [ 12″ Vinyl ]


Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy. ARTS TRANSPARENT was born with Détaché that presents his music to the world. Area Forty One and Roger Gerressen as Gasometric Run on the epic remix work. All on purple coloured 12 inch vinyl.

Review Technique: Netherlands next-generation of artists, Détaché released a new single from the label Arts! and will become work of a new series called TRANSPARENT. Deep techno tracks with cool Acid sounds and minimalist rhythms are all integrated!

12″ inch high grade vinyl. Mastered at Lacquer Cut At Finyl Tweek
Pressed on purple transparent vinyl. 

Official Video I Will Follow Videoclip by Ed Kerkhoff

12″ at Triple Vision
Digital at Hardwax 

A1 – I Will Follow You 
A2 I Will Follow You (Area Forty_One Remix)
B1 – I Will Follow You (Gasometric Run Stripped Mix)
B2 – Nonsure du Nuclear /


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