Valley of Shadows EP

Frole Records presents the second vinyl release, this time a producer from the Netherlands. Detache is a young producer influenced by Detroit, deep house and modern techno. U010011 is the typical Detroit track with an undoubted feeling to it. Featuring a dub atmosphere, playful synths & dreamy pads. The remixes are made by Anonym (Sushitech and Francesco Bonora (Abstract Theory) & Mirko (Etichetta Nera) who are staying in this dreamy realm. The track is made at a lakeside which is portrait by the artwork. Valley of Shadows is a deep track that is characterised by the dub sound from Berlin. A solid tune full of deep chords and pads that transcends the mind.

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12″ inch high grade vinyl / Frole Records
Official Video Valley of Shadows by Ed Kerkhoff

A1 – U010011 / A2 – U010011 (Anonym Remix)
B1 – U010011 (Francesco Bonora, Mirko Remix)
B2 – Valley of Shadows

Jetset Review

Emerging House / Techno label “Frole Records” of Naples departure 2nd! Vinyl and first state-of-the-art by young producer Detache. The Dutch professes the influence of Detroit techno and the sound of Berlin. Excellent Deep Electronic work that falls into a deep time zone. In addition to the two originals that run deep and graceful synths, the two remix by Francesco Bonora & Mirko and the exceptionally talented Anonym has produced great work time and time again. This is the stuff, pay attention to the beginning, “Sistrum” Comics Fan the Detroit techno listener. Its also expected to hear more releases in the future!


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