One Instrument [ 2019 ]

~ Seeing the room always as it will be ~ In a scenario of overwhelming number of instruments, musicians often do not take the time to deepen and explore the creative possibilities of each gear they possess. One instrument aims to counter-act this tendency by challenging and limiting each artist in producing a composition by using only one instrument of their choice.

ARTS Transparent001

ARTS Transparent is a sublabel from ARTS that is run by Emmanuel. the imprint will focus on giving a Deep view in Electronic music, the first release is from a young talent from the Netherlands, he delivers this peace of timeless gold. It’s presented in an unique piece of wax, this time Purple Transparent vinyl. The vinyl comes with two amazing remixes crafted carefully by Area Forty_One and Roger Gerressen as ‘Gasometric Run’

aDepth audio 007

Emerging Elements is aDepths new EP of diverse, quality electronic music produced by talented Dutch artists. Its aDepth audios seventh release. Détaché is a producer who records fresh sounds influenced by Detroit, deep house and modern techno. The track features great bass
variations and warm, relaxing synthesizer chords.

De:Bug Magazine REVIEW [ aDepth audio / 007 – D & P ] A mini-compilation with tracks from Dan9er, Dan Grain, 
Rob Belleville and détaché, which decreased from spring whispering wide walled Dub epics full of melody over minimal tracks that can be resolved into its harmonic background and the grooves to sing bring hostilities to drift up to massive Detroit, yet still have that perfect balance between sounds, melodies and grooves that make each track just perfect. A plate in which you want to lie down and have a clean back to this time, stuck in an EP full of secrets that were to be discovered little by little.

Finest Blend Recordings 015

The Stockholm based label, Finest Blend Recordings makes its return. Détaché who is also a member of hard techno stronghold ARTS comes with a new Detroit Techno Influenced track on the imprint Finest Blend. A good quality techno track that invites a uplifting feeling. The remix of the track is from the heavyweight Orlando Voorn that has become a bridge connecting Detroit and Amsterdam!

Frole Records 002

Emerging from Naples is techno Label ‘Frole Records’ with their second release. Détaché is a producer influenced by Detroit, deep and modern techno. U010011 is the typical example of that, a Detroit track with that undoubted feeling to it. Featuring a dubby atmosphere, playful synths & dreamy pads. In addition to the original Valley of Shadows is a clear synth code, running gracefully and deeply. It’s a deep, electronic ep, worthy of deep space and time. The two remixes come from anecdotes Anonym and Francesco Bonora & Mirko, which have produced remarkable remixes. They stay in this dreamy realm of Valley of Shadows.

Deep Sound Channel DSCVA01

Juno Review: Modular Scape’s “Reflecting Silhouettes” revolving around trippy acid pirouettes and 90s-style, complex Black Dog rhythms. [ various / dscva01 ] DJMAG review DSCVA01 [7.5] Dutch label Deep Sound Channel delivers an excellent four-tracker. From Modular Scape’s bugged out acid to the microscopic tones on Matt TdK’s ‘4.7.14’ and the tribal drums of Tripeo’s ‘Raz’, ‘DSCVA01’ is underpinned by a tranced out, atmospheric sensibility.

Spazio Speziale 002

It’s well known Modular Scapes works with a wide range of sounds, producing and writing his own music. He defines the boundaries between electronic music, gives life to modular scaping, and finds beauty in abstract forms. His music is hardware based and rooted industrial techno and dark electro. Creating disturbing yet appealing atmospheres where industrial overtones interact with the dark side of music.


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