Complete discography at discogs

ARTS Transparent Releases www.arts-records.bandcamp.com  Discogs www.discogs.com/label/806258-Arts-Transparent
I Will Follow You Ep ARTStransparent001 12″/ digital]
Lacquer Cut At Finyl Tweek | Triple Vision Record Distribution
videoclip by edited.nl: www.youtube.com/watch?v=yg3Y7yzM-Lg

Frole Records http://www.frolerecords.com
Discogs http://www.discogs.com/label/330418-Frole-Records
Valley of Shadows Cat# FLRV002 [12″/ digital]
 | Triple Vision Distribution
video by edited.nl http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIBIwIKvvE8
Review http://www.jetsetrecords.net/detache-valley-of-shadows/i/723004625192

aDepth audio Releases / www.adepthaudio.bandcamp.com  Discogs discogs.com/label/175945-aDepth-audio | Emerging Elements Ep
Cat# aDepth007 [12″/ digital]
 Mastered by Helmut Erler [ DnP ] Berlin
Distributed by Diamond And Pearls

Finest Blend Recordings finestblend.bandcamp.com
discogs.com/label/17719-Finest-Blend-Recordings | Cat# FB015
High Plain Drifters [12″] | Distribution by MinimalSoul
Buy at www.minimalsoul.com/?p=5451

Deep Sound Channel shipwrec.bandcamp.com/
discogs www.discogs.com/label/586655-Deep-Sound-Channel
Cat# DSCVA01 [12″/ digital] | distribution clone.nl
Artwork by Studio another day | buy at clone.nl/item39303.html
Review DJ MAG djmag.com/music/techno/dscva01-0


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